Contasil Silikon Conta San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Contasil Company established in 1994 in İstanbul – Turkey . In spite of its short history, company build a new factory in Çanakkale – Turkey . Presently production goes on both two places İstanbul and Çanakkale with total 2.200 square meters and 60 staff .

Contasil Company pay most attention to quality control . Our aim is to improve the international works and get more share from this field.

Being an expert of manufacturing the products of silicone cable harness and silicone oven door gasket put us in the market for White Goods ; that is a pleasure because our company sees all its clients as a business partners and to provide the best customer service satisfaction with right products all expectations and complaints are being treated effectively.

Our mission

Contasil Company’s biggest mission is to be the reliable name in this sector. Product range , quality and best feedback for every details about products.In this screen to  produce new generation solutions, to bring in competitive advantages , to organizations by monitoring all technological developments in current sector is company’s way.

Our Targets

  • To export and introduce all our technical and technological knowledge in Turkey first to neighboring countries.
  • To keep leading in producing economical and permanent solutions.
  • To develop product and service quality continuously.
  • To offer our partners the best, most rapid and most economical service.

Our vision is to be “the number one solution-producing and system-offering company” and coming first into mind in insulation sector in both our country and surrounding countries by the help of our modern and state-of-the-art production, specialized personnel, strong logistics support

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  • Silicone Profiles
  • Oven Door Gaskets
  • Silicone Cables
  • Silicone Cable Groups
  • Silicone Molded Parts

Export Countries

  Germany          Lebanon

  Bulgaria           Saudi Arabia

  Egypt               Belarus

  Poland             Syria

  Russia              Chili

Lebanon             Algeria